Arts Volunteers

The Arts Society, Blockley has, for the last few years supported our local art charity Campden Edge. The charity promotes and develops the creative talents of children and young adults of Campden and surrounding villages. The fund provides financial assistance to 8 – 26-year-olds who wouldn’t be able to afford these opportunities under normal circumstances.

Twenty four students have been supported in the last 12 months and a Schools Support Scheme has been set up. Working closely with schools to identify pupils who would benefit from our help, we have bought pantomime tickets and funded the purchase of English textbooks to support over 150 students. From feedback, this extra and targeted support has produced excellent results amongst some of the most disadvantaged families in our area. The Arts are so important to our young people’s resilience – particularly in the last two years Heidi Ellis, Pastoral Manager at Campden School says: ‘The help provided by Campden Edge allows disadvantaged students to perform in line with their peers, free from the stigma associated with never having the right equipment or being unable to take part in extra-curricular activities’. As we move towards ‘normality’, it is apparent that many more families are struggling through no fault of their own. Campden Edge can offer the youngsters some stability and hope for the future.

Contact Pat Coupe for more details 07503 143754